Bumper “MX” Series Speakers

Designed with SPL in mind and plenty of travel the MX Series speakers are primarily used in car audio application providing deep bass frequencies. However, many home audio enthuses love to use it in DYI home theater projects. These speakers are designed with 1” diameter heavy black foam […]


Bumper “X” Series Speakers

Bumper’s “X” series speakers are widely used in car audio and as well as professional providing mid to low bass sound production in different frequencies.  The “X” series is loaded with our new treated pulp cones, heavy duty double black thickness foam surround and poly/cotton spider allowing us […]


Bumper “C” Series Speakers

Bumper’s over 26 years of experience in design and manufacturing of high-quality speakers for the Pro Audio has made this a top choice for professionals around the world where the performance and reliability for The performers are a top priority. All speakers are loaded with high strength paper […]