BUMPER Pro Audio Speakers are simply the best!!

Welcome to Bumper Industries’ website. Our line of Sound Reinforcement – Pro Audio and Car Audio speakers are known worldwide for their uncompromising applications, performance, and untouchable values. Put those three components together in a comparison sheet, and more than likely we’ll blow everyone right out of the water. Since 1986 BUMPER speakers have been driven to provide what we believe to be the best balance in performance, style, quality, and value, in a way that compliments and enriches consumer lifestyles.

We at BUMPER Industries, Inc. can confidently say that BUMPER will continue to lead the way for years to come.

We have carefully constructed our marketing strategy and based it around a global distribution network, which, through direct contact with consumers, provides us with daily inputs regarding the market and its changing demand.

We believe that BUMPER will continue to maintain its bright future in all areas.

This success is owed to a team of dedicated professionals who continue to assist us in all aspects of our operations. In a marketplace that is constantly introducing so many new brands and products, it is certainly satisfying to see that BUMPER speakers have maintained their position and continue to compete favorably with many internationally known names.

At Bumper Industries, Inc., our most meaningful asset is our reputation, and to that end, we’ve made a commitment.