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Bumper DRC Series Pro Audio Speakers - (0865 DRC)

Bumper DRC Series Pro Audio Speakers

Bumper C Series Pro Audio Speakers.

Speaker Model 865 DRC

Diameter size in inches: 8'
Diameter size in centimeters: 20.0
Z=Nominal Impedance in Ohms: 8
Fs=Free air resonance frequency in Hz: 100.3
Qts=Total Q Factor of driver: 0.396
Vas=Equivalent acoustic volume in cubic feet: 0.585
Vas=Equivalent acoustic volume in liters: 16.5500
Xmax=peak linear displacement of cone in inch: 0.1
Xmax=peak linear displacement of cone in mm: 2.500
Pe=Max power in watts: 450
SPL=The half-space ref. Efficiency: 97.81
Voice Coil Diameter in inch: 2
Mounting Depth in inch: 3 1/2
Sd=Piston Area in sq.m: 203.2
BL=T*M Flux Density, Length Product: 14.84
no=The half-space ref. Efficiency: 3.72%
Cms=Mechanical Suspen. Compliance: 0.11
Mms=Mech. Mass of cone & free air load: 22.47
Qms=Mechanical Q factor of driver: 5.313
Qes=Electrical Q factor of driver: 0.428
Revc=DC Voice coil resistance in Ohms: 6.7
Zmax=imped. At top of resonance curve in Ohm: 89.25
Frequency response range tested from 20-2000 Hz: 100-6k
Magnet Assembly Weight (oz): 151