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Bumper C Series Pro Audio Speakers - (18120 C)

Bumper C Series Pro Audio Speakers

The Bumper 18120 C is the obvious choice for any professional. It has a heavy duty 6 rolled in window steel  frame with 0.390' thick 7.5' front and back plate, a 8.5' X 1.00 thick ceramic magnet as well as 1.250' diameter vent on its 3.0' pole piece. This speaker is designed to withstand the long hours of constant pounding, and is recommended for professional audio as a woofer or subwoofer in vented enclosures. The 18120 C provides a great combination of sound quality, dependability and value.

Diameter size in inches:   18
Z - Nominal Impedance in Ohms   8.00
Fs = Free air resonance frequesncy in Hz:   32.2
Qts = Total Q Factor of driver:   0.27
Vas = Equivalent acoustic volume in cubic feet:   9.50
Xmax = peak linear displacement of cone in inches:   0.18
Pe = Max power in watts:   1000
Ref = Driver's SPL 1W at 1m in dB:   96.6
Voice Coil Diameter in inches   3
Mounting Depth in inches:    
Revc = DC Voice coil resistance in Ohms:   7.85
Zmax = imped. At top of resonance curve in Ohms:   95.501
Magnet Assembly weight (oz):   312.8
Frequency response range tested from 20-2000 Hz:   20-3200
Recommend Sealed Enclosure size Outside volume (Vb)cq-ft   3.00
Recommend Ported Enclosure size Outside volume (Vb)cq-ft   3.000
Number of ports on the front of a box   1
Port size (inches)   4x6.92

List price $390.28