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Bumper C Series Pro Audio Speakers - (0648 C)

Bumper C Series Pro Audio Speakers

This well balanced, efficient, and high powered 6-1/2' speaker is designed to offer a very smooth frequency range for use as a midrange in PA systems. It has become a favorite choice in multi-driver designs. The outward bumped vented pole piece is added to increase heat dissipation for long hours of play.


648 C
Diameter size in inches:     6
Z - Nominal Impedance in Ohms     8
Fs = Free air resonance frequesncy in Hz:     58.1
Qts = Total Q Factor of driver:     0.37
Vas = Equivalent acoustic volume in cubic feet:     0.14
Xmax = peak linear displacement of cone in inches:     0.1
Pe = Max power in watts:     350
Ref = Driver's SPL 1W at 1m in dB:     84.5
Voice Coil Diameter in inches     2
Mounting Depth in inches:     3.5
Revc = DC Voice coil resistance in Ohms:     5.5
Zmax = imped. At top of resonance curve in Ohms:     44.259
Magnet Assembly weight (oz):

Frequency response range tested from 20-2000 Hz:      -
Recommend Sealed Enclosure size Outside volume (Vb)cq-ft      -
Recommend Ported Enclosure size Outside volume (Vb)cq-ft     0.2
Number of ports on the front of a box     1
Port size (inches)     2X14.06

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